6 Months & Still Going Strong

6 Months & Still Going Strong
19 October, 2019

Greetings from Greenville, SC on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  We've been in business 6 months now and are constantly learning and perfecting our business.

We've increased our delivery times and have given each of our first time customers a special gift, or discount.  We've learned that social media and marketing is a difficult and never-ending task.  We've met a vast spectrum of clients that are young and old and use CBD and CBG for a variety of reasons.  Several of our clients are repeat customers and have raved about the results they've felt using a variety of our products.  

This business has taken us to the first ever Hemp Festival in Asheville, NC this past summer and we'd toured small Michigan festivals in June and as of late started to participate in local flea markets in South Carolina where we've met a variety of CBD fans.

We've faced a lot of challenges competing against larger businesses but have stuck to our original beliefs and principles that the cannabis plant is a wonderful plant with several uses and should be affordable to everyone.  We've worked with individuals on fixed incomes selling our product at near cost for we believe in the health benefits of CBD and that they should be obtainable to all who seek the benefits for their personal health and well-being.  

We've been contacted by several "plastic companies" as we call them, seeking to sell us inferior CBD products at higher costs, even wholesale prices higher than our retail.  For Green Dream Box, we are not in the CBD business for a quick profit, but rather we are growing Green Dream Box to be the provider of medicine, lifestyle and well-being products for the people, for the long-term.  We take care in researching and speaking with the companies that we conduct trade with and make sure their beliefs align with ours.  We continue to develop our products in quality, efficiency and satisfaction and we are grateful for everyone that is and has been with us along the journey, as well as those that will soon be there.

Best of health,

Green Dream Box

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