3 Months since the start of Green Dream Box

3 Months since the start of Green Dream Box
28 July, 2019

Hello new and old friends,

We'd like to thank everyone that has shared our store online, tried our products and supported us in way these first three months since we launched in Greenville, SC.  We've adjusted to life here quite well and hope to build some strong local connections as well as give back to the state and community other than paying sales tax.

It's been difficult receiving payments in a digital world when most U.S. banks do not want, or are unable to process payments for CBD as it is deemed a "high risk" online industry due to the amount of chargebacks, which have actually been higher in normal retail.  

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and we're hoping things will be easier for the consumer and us, so that we may continue to offer the best prices in the country on flowers.  We'll keep everyone updated once companies like Paypal, Amazon pay, etc. start to process regular payments for CBD.

We continue to test various products and are now carrying Hemp Oil for pets, as well as various strains including our favorite greenhouse grown strain BaOX.

We look forward to "catering" your event, or party as we continue to grow locally, as well as having increased are efficiency in local deliveries and shipping within 2 hours of receiving orders from around the country.

Please feel free to give us a call anytime and ask for special offers, as well as continue to check out our ongoing flash sales.

Thank you all and keep up the great summer!

The team @ Green Dream Box

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